As a Carlisle (Carlstar) dealer, we are obligated to follow Carlisle’s return policy which is as follows:

Stock Adjustment Return Authorization

Any merchandise returned under this stock adjustment plan must be initiated by your Account Manager or Customer Service Representative. Approval paperwork will be sent as soon as possible and copies sent to the master distribution location.

All returns must be made within 30 days from approval or will be considered null and void.

Dollar Value of Return

During any one calendar year, Carlisle may authorize the return(s) of saleable merchandise whose value, at your net cost, does not exceed 5% of your net purchases of power transmission products from Carlisle for the previous calendar year.

Handling Charge

There will be a 15% handling charge assessed on all material returned under this program. This handling charge will be waived when the return is accompanied by an offsetting order of equal or greater value.

Frequency of Returns

Carlisle will allow up to 2 stock adjustment returns per calendar year, provided the total value of your returns do not exceed 5% of previous year’s purchases.

Condition of Merchandise

All merchandise returned under the terms of this program must be in clean, saleable condition. All returned product must be standard cataloged items of current specification. Carlisle does not accept obsolete merchandise or product that is 3 years or older from the date of manufacture. Further, the merchandise is subject to approval by Carlisle returned goods department at the point of its receipt.

Transportation Cost

Merchandise being returned must be shipped pre-paid back to Carlisle. Refer to specific routing instructions included with the authorization paperwork. In turn, Carlisle will prepay the transportation cost on the shipment of your offsetting order – provided it meets Carlisle prepaid freight criteria.

Pricing the Return

You will be credited for any merchandise returned under this stock adjustment program at the price in effect at the time the return was authorized. Credit will be issued at the maximum applicable discount levels. Your offsetting order will be billed at the price in effect on the date of your return authorization or on the date your replacement order is shipped – whichever is lower.

Unacceptable Merchandise

If the product returned is found to be obsolete, (3 years or older from date of manufacture) unsaleable, or non- Carlisle product, you will be notified in writing of its condition and asked for disposition. If disposition is not received within 15 days of notification, the product will be destroyed and no credit will be given. If the product you return is of current construction but requires cleaning, resleeving, or reboxing, a 25% charge will be assessed. When handling and processing costs are estimated to exceed 50% of your cost of the merchandise, you will be notified and asked for disposition.

MTO Products

Any made-to-order belts or sheaves are not eligible for return.

Sheave Returns

Sheaves must be returned in their original boxes.

Since Carlisle purchases sheaves furnished under its brand from outside sources, the terms under which returns may be made are governed by the returned goods policies of the sheave suppliers and are thus not subject to amendment.

Your Account Manager or Customer Service Representative will assist you in arranging for any necessary sheave returns and will process the Stock Adjustment Return Authorization form when authorization for your return is obtained.

Quality or Service Return Authorization

Returns which relate to quality, including requests for engineering product analysis must be authorized by your Account Manager or Customer Service Representative prior to the return shipment.

Your Account Manager or Customer Service Representative will authorize the return with a Field Service and Quality Report (FS & Q) for any products which have failed because of perceived manufacturing defects and not user abuse. Final determination of the reason for failure will be determined by Carlisle’s Quality Assurance Department. Products judged to have failed because of obvious misuse are not subject to credit. Products deemed to be in fact defective will be replaced at no charge or credited to your account.

If merchandise is shipped in error, billed incorrectly or otherwise not as requested, you should immediately contact a Customer Service Representative for return authorization or other disposition. The mis-shipped merchandise will be immediately replaced and transportation costs prepaid.

Ordering Error

If you or your customer order merchandise in error, we will accept it back with a 15% restocking charge. An option is to wait and include the unwanted product with your next stock adjustment return. Any made-to- order belts or sheaves are not eligible for return.


All returns must be made within 30 days of approval or will be considered void.

Additions to Existing Orders

Parts may not be added to an order after it has been ship confirmed. A customer may use the same purchase order number after an initial shipment, but a new sales order will be entered. This new order will be subject to all standard distributor policies such as minimum order quantity and freight.